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Cymbalstream provides a wide variety of solutions to meet all your technological needs

SAN And NAS Design & Implementation

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Our team have a wealth of experience in all leading storage vendors and technologies. With consultants knowledgeable in Storage Area Networking (SAN), Networked Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached we are able to provide you with an unbiased approach to selecting the solution that is right for your business.


Archiving Services & Implementation

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With the ever increasing volumes of data that companies of today need to store and manage, the scrutiny around the security and proper use of that information increases too. Use of the right technologies can help with the complex processes around compliance and governance. Cymbalstream can help you in all aspects of this, from providing data storage and retrieval solutions through managing the data life cycle effectively to meet the latest regulations.

Audit Management & Control

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From IT resources through to non technology based business systems and assets, Cymbalstream have the expertise to establish audit programmes, identify business risks and assess the overall effectiveness of your existing controls.

Successfully implementing this within your business will ensure that the risk of fraud is reduced, and your organisation will be in good shape for any scheduled external audits.

Office Moves & Relocations

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Whether you are moving to a new office or integrating another business into yours, we can help you by providing a fully project managed end to end move of both your Datacentre and desktop equipment. A full audit trail will be created and maintained for all of your assets, from desktop through to server-room, so you can rest assured that once your move / integration has been completed, all of your assets will have been correctly re-assigned.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

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Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are of paramount importance in protecting your business from the unknown. In today’s world of ever increasing terrorist threats, what would you do if the unspeakable were to happen to your business, or what if a critical server were to fail and you lose not just the application but the data associated with it? Our solution suite will ensure that if your business were to suffer from an external threat, your data would be protected and easily restored. We also have solutions to protect your data at a local level in real time so that any outage, should it occur, will not cause major gaps in your data stacks after restoration.

Also, at a business level, we can create working DR and BC plans and procedures to ensure that your teams will know exactly what to do and how to go about carrying on with “business as usual” activities if DR needed to be invoked.


Enterprise Technology Contract Management (ETCM)

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ETCM is an innovative solution that will help you to manage your vendor contract relationships in a very cost effective and efficient manner. It is a FREE SERVICE being offered to both existing and new clients. Our considerable experience in this field has led to the development of a unique piece of software which will revolutionise contract management in ways never previously thought possible!

We understand how hard it is to manage IT as a business in its own right, and the added headache of managing your IT/telco vendor contract renewals does not make the job any easier. Let us take that pain away, so that you too could enjoy the benefits of ETCM, including:

  • Improved visibility of all maintenance and support contracts, making budgeting/forecasting easier. You will have full access to this information at all times.
  • Using metrics contained in the software, combined with years of experience in this field, we have a very good idea of what you should be paying. We will compare that to your current costs and negotiate hard on your behalf to ensure that you will always be paying the right amount, and not a penny more.
  • Unforeseen contract renewals will become a distant memory – with our help, you will know exactly what is coming up for renewal, when and how much it will cost you.
  • The service is 

So why waste a moment more – send an email to us here in the ETCM team with your contact details  and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the offering in more detail.

Datacentre Design & Build

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The heart of a successful business is kept beating with a reliable datacentre. Our consultants can analyse your current setup to give you a true picture of where bottlenecks are likely to occur, give you an accurate picture of the true TCO or if you are just starting off at a new location, help you re-deploy your old equipment where possible or supply you with the latest systems that will support your business users’ critical applications. Cymbalstream and its years of experience in Datacentre analysis and design mean that you can rest assured that we are able to build a Datacentre for the requirements of tomorrow with all the latest green technologies, one that won’t cost you the earth!


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Our proven server virtualisation technologies will help drive datacenter agility and give higher utilisation rates within your existing infrastructure. Whether you are looking to undertake a new server virtualisation project from the start or add applications to your existing virtualised server farm, Cymbalstream have the expertise to get you where you want to be.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktops are an innovative way of lowering the total cost of ownership of a desktop PC over the course of its natural life. The benefits range from raw power savings through to quicker and more efficient deployment of applications, with less helpdesk / administrative interventions required from IT teams. This will undoubtedly increase productivity and service levels. A virtual desktop is also more secure as it is centrally controlled from the datacenter, and on its own is of no use to a thief, so your company data is much safer. Our wealth of experience in this area, cross vertical, is second to none and with many satisfied, referenceable customers to talk to, you can feel confident in our ability to deploy this solution within your infrastructure.

Backup Solution Design & Implementation

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Whether you are looking for a tape or disk based backup solution, or an explanation as to why your backup technology is not delivering as effectively or timely as you would like, rest assured that our analysts will be able to help you find the solution you need, or get what you have running correctly to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Website Design & Development

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We provide web based solutions for a range of clients, large and small from a static brochure site, to a fully content managed website (CMS) or simply an increase in traffic or email campaign. We can offer a solution tailored to your project.

Our Process

    • Discovery – We get you know your business and what your requirements, so we can deliver a solution which exceeds expectation
    • Development – We use the latest technology, ideas and standards to design and build your website, so it delivers what’s needed
    • Delivery – This isn’t just about launching, it’s about the on going relationship to ensure your website grows and develops with your company

Email Marketing

Do you have a large untapped audience, or existing customers you need to build a relationship with. Email newsletters, and campaigns are a very effective way of building those relationships. We work with you to achieve the best results from any email marketing. We provide design, build, and deliver ROI reports, so you can follow up leads, and track your customers or potential customer prospects.

Design Services

Do you need a new look to your existing website, or simply a new website, with over 10 experience in the web design industry we can deliver a look which takes you r business to the next level.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – With over a billion internet pages currently out there an effective SEO strategy will ensure that your web site is indexed by the major search engines and improves the chances of being found by your target audience. We can optimise your site, and consult on how to build a strong online presence and reap the benefits.

Maintenance Services

We don’t just hand over a website, and let you get on with it, we work with you to continually develop, update, and refine your web presence, as we understand the importance of a strong online brand in today’s marketplace.


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A consolidated infrastructure can help reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50% and energy costs by 80%. Using, for example, BladeCentre server technologies in your infrastructure will not only reduce footprint, but deployment and maintenance time spent on administrative functions will be greatly reduced. Similarly, the storage solutions offered by Cymbalstream will help your IT teams to get back valuable time required to best serve the business users.

MS Active Directory & Exchange Design & Implementation

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As a Microsoft partner Cymbalstream are able to design and build Active Directory and MS Exchange infrastructures. Whether you are looking to implement a new solution or upgrade to the latest versions of Windows Ad and Ms Exchange Cymbalstream can help with all your requirements. Our consultants recognise the importance of a reliable and correctly configured AD and email solution for your business, and have many reference sites commending our work in this area.


Areas of specialisation

Business Intelligence

Helping you choose the correct solution, or obtain the most from an existing installation

Design and implementation of IT Infrastructure

We help organisations to cut costs, improve service availability and increase productivity.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Solution designed and implemented

Cost Reduction

Both within your IT and telecommunication networks