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Professional Services

Apr 15, 2017

Management Consulting

With the ever increasing pressures of managing your IT, it is sometimes challenging to take a step back and look to the future – what does your business need in order to increase its productivity or effectiveness? How can you redeploy existing equipment cost effectively and expand to accommodate new systems? Our consultants are experienced in designing, presenting and executing IT strategies based on logical roadmaps. However should you require our IT Roadmap and It Strategy skills then you ca rest assured that our consultants can deliver this for you having held senior level Management positions prior to joining us.

Our management consulting teams have successfully assisted clients in IT cost reduction strategies, infrastructure cost benchmarking as well as the creation of business case studies to justify network expansion as well as the benefits of redeploying existing elements of infrastructure where possible to offset new equipment costs. At Miris we can help integrate the IT and business side of your operations, by demonstrating the value to your users of the IT systems in place, through training, board presentations or managing user acceptance.

Assessments And Benchmarking

At Miris Systems our specialist consultants are able to assist you with a variety of Assessment or Benchmarking exercises. Whether you require an assessment report written to determine how your Datacentre conforms to current industry best practices and new legislation around carbon emissions or a Benchmark exercise to determine how your IT expenditure compares to your industry peers than Miris Systems can help you find what you are looking for.

Storage Consulting

Our team have a wealth of experience in all leading storage vendors and technologies. With consultants knowledgeable in Storage Area Networking (SAN), Networked Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached we are able to provide you with an unbiased approach to selecting the solution that is right for your business.

Backup Consulting

Whether you are looking for a tape or disk based backup solution, or an explanation as to why your backup technology is not delivering as effectively or timely as you would like, rest assured that our consultants will be able to help you find the solution you need, or get what you have running correctly to ensure that your data is protected at all times

Datacentre Analysis And Design

From a small server room through to a datacenter spanning several locations, MIRIS Systems recognise that without a reliable datacentre, your business will suffer. We can assess your current datacenter to find where improvements can be made to save you money, be it in terms of power or having a smaller, greener footprint through to designing a new one from the ground up taking into account your future Total Cost of Ownership – nobody wants their costs to spiral out of control, but sadly this often happens through poor planning at the outset, and ad-hoc additions that do not integrate fully into the original environment. Our Architected solutions will ensure that this risk should never be realised.

Change Management

Change management is often an area that is overlooked; however, the inability to manage change effectively can be both costly and damaging to your business. At Miris Systems we recognise this and ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for effective and efficient handling of all changes to controlled IT infrastructure, in order to minimise the impact of any related incidents following change. Changes in your IT infrastructure will as a result legislative changes, or proactively from seeking improved efficiency and effectiveness in order to enable business initiatives.

Whatever your requirement Miris Systems can assist you in the process of change.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Miris Systems offers an extensive range of Business Intelligence (BI) services to enable customers to maximize their data. Our doctrine is to focus on business issues and provide capabilities ranging from strategy and analysis, tools and design, right the way through to solutions and implementation. Using our simple 3 step methodology, we will help you build a robust and scalable BI architecture tailored to your business. This service is imperative for businesses that:

  • Require a BI Infrastructure to support their business needs
  • Need to maximise return on their current BI solution set
  • Require a BI Roadmap for future investment in BI solutions

The simple 3 step process indicated below which our consultants will undertake can help you to realise your vision for BI:

  • Gather: Helping you to define your vision, business goals and requirements
  • Identify: Defining your BI strategy
  • Roadmap: Documenting and presenting your framework to success