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Infrastructure Services

Apr 15, 2017

IT Supply

In today’s tough economic climate, it is important to ensure that you always get the best deal for your IT equipment to ensure that your It provisions are at the right price or within budget. MIRIS Systems works hard to obtain preferential discounted rates from many of the major vendors and can supply you with the right IT Infrastructure to meet your requirements. Whether it be a £200k SAN or a £10 pen drive Miris Systems can help with all your IT purchases.

MS Active Directory And Exchange Design And Implementation

As a Microsoft partner MIRIS Systems are able to design and build Active Directory and MS Exchange infrastructures. Whether you are looking to implement a new solution or upgrade to the latest versions of Windows Ad and Ms Exchange Miris Systems can help with all your requirements. Our consultants recognise the importance of a reliable and correctly configured AD and email solution for your business, and have many reference sites commending our work in this area.

SAN And NAS Design And Implementation

Our team have a wealth of experience in all leading storage vendors and technologies. With consultants knowledgeable in Storage Area Networking (SAN), Networked Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached we are able to provide you with an unbiased approach to selecting the solution that is right for your business.

Backup Solution Design And Implementation

Whether you are looking for a tape or disk based backup solution, or an explanation as to why your backup technology is not delivering as effectively or timely as you would like, rest assured that our analysts will be able to help you find the solution you need, or get what you have running correctly to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Archiving Services And Implementation

With the ever increasing volumes of data that companies of today need to store and manage, the scrutiny around the security and proper use of that information increases too. Use of the right technologies can help with the complex processes around compliance and governance. MIRIS Systems can help you in all aspects of this, from providing data storage and retrieval solutions through managing the data life cycle effectively to meet the latest regulations.

Replication Tools And Implementation

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are of paramount importance in protecting your business from the unknown. In today’s world of ever increasing terrorist threats, what would you do if the unspeakable were to happen to your business, or what if a critical server were to fail and you lose not just the application but the data associated with it? Our suite of replication tools will ensure that if your business were to suffer from an external threat, your data would be protected and easily restored to allow your business to continue functioning normally.

Audit Management And Control

From IT resources through to non technology based business systems and assets, MIRIS Systems have the expertise to establish audit programmes, identify business risks and assess the overall effectiveness of your existing controls.

Successfully implementing this within your business will ensure that the risk of fraud is reduced, and your organisation will be in good shape for any scheduled external audits

Office Moves And Relocations

Whether you are moving to a new office or integrating another business into yours, we can help you by providing a fully project managed end to end move of both your Datacentre and desktop equipment. A full audit trail will be created and maintained for all of your assets, from desktop through to server-room, so you can rest assured that once your move / integration has been completed, all of your assets will have been correctly re-assigned.

Datacentre Build

The heart of a successful business is kept beating with a reliable datacentre. Our consultants can analyse your current setup to give you a true picture of where bottlenecks are likely to occur, give you an accurate picture of the true TCO or if you are just starting off at a new location, help you re-deploy your old equipment where possible or supply you with the latest systems that will support your business users’ critical applications. Miris Systems and its years of experience in Datacentre analysis and design mean that you can rest assured that we are able to build a Datacentre for the requirements of tomorrow with all the latest green technologies, one that won’t cost you the earth!